Sharon, I know we have done one session so far but I am so pleased and happy with the results. The ingrown hair is a past, no more pain or rough uncomfortable hair coming out, the hair is almost non existing and the areas we worked on are almost hair free. Very very happy.

Thank you so much.

RY from Calgary, Alberta

I have been going to see Angela in Airdrie for several years and continue to do so even though I am now living very close to the Lake Bonavista location. Angela is friendly and welcoming, and puts you at ease immediately. I have had laser done on three areas and am thoroughly satisfied with my treatment. Angela is meticulous, thoughtful and very accommodating. I have recommended her to several of my friends, and would see her again for any future treatments.

Christine Binns, Calgary

Sheena made my first laser hair removal experience a pleasure! She was extremely professional, making sure to describe how everything worked before we started. Her warm personality made me feel comfortable and relaxed. Bubbly and welcoming, I always look forward to my appointments with Sheena.

Liz H. Calgary

I have been a long term client of Hair Free Laser, expanding the scope of my treatments over time. From day one, the staff has been exceptional in educating me on the technology and their treatment accuracy has been unmatched. I have experimented with other clinics and machines in the past, all of whom fell short of the service I received at Hair Free Laser. I fully trust them with my hair removal needs.


As a 28 year old male, I had pretty much resigned myself to being rather hairy on my back, chest and shoulders. After 2 treatments to my back, I noticed a lessening of regrowth over the short term, and was well informed by my technician that to continue to see those results that I would have to likely come back every 6 to 8 weeks until the growth cycles stopped. I unfortunately failed to continue the process but after months of growth, there is still noticeably less in many areas.

The treatments themselves were very comfortable, a very minor sensation when the instrument applies its light pulses. The facility was very clean and well maintained, and the few different staff I met were very friendly and knowledgeable. I felt a bit out of sorts being a guy doing this at first, but would absolutely recommend it to anyone who wants to be rid of body hair.

Also notable, I had a single pass done on the front of my neck to try and separate better my beard hair from that of my chest, and just the one treatment did absolute wonders for the maintenance of that area when I shave. This leads me to believe it could be an amazing way to shape male facial hair growth patterns as well.

Dan T

I've been really impressed by the professional and friendly demeanor of the staff at Hair Free Laser Institute. The rooms are always tidy and sterile. My technician, Angela, always puts me at ease, explaining what to expect and how long the process should take. Her helpful communication, including checking for my feedback, continues throughout each session. I have and will continue to refer my friends to the Hair Free Laser Institute.

Trish S.

Sheena did my hair removal treatments. Getting Brazilian hair removal is not a comfortable situation but she made my anxiety go away with her friendly personality. She always managed to distract me from the awkwardness by asking me questions about my everyday life and current events. On top of that she always stayed professional. I have recommended friends to her since and I will continue recommending people to see her.

Amanda Dawn, Calgary

My experience at Hair Free Laser was exceptional. I was nervous about getting a Brazilian done but after speaking with my tech I was very quickly reassured that it wouldn't hurt at all. My appointments were with Kayla and she made me feel extremely comfortable. She made sure to cover everything with me before we started. She explained exactly how it was going to feel and how long it would take to see results based on my hair color and the type of hair I have. I have quite a low pain tolerance and it really did feel like a pinch. I was surprised actually! Going into it thinking it was going to hurt a lot more than it did! The salon was extremely clean and they make sure to clean the machines in front of you (after cleaning it once already) to make you feel extra comfortable. The staff here are fantastic and really take the time to know their customers. I would highly recommend to anyone considering getting any laser work done!

Tanis C.

'I've been Angela's client for over 2 years at the Hair Free Laser Institute, Airdrie location. She has performed several laser hair removal treatments on my face & underarms with excellent results. I find her to be most courteous, friendly and professional and would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone who may be considering laser hair removal.'

Connie H.

I went to the Hair Free Laser Institute to have a photo facial treatment and was treated by Sheena. When I first arrived to the clinic my first impression was that the staff were very friendly. The second observation was at how clean the facility was. I always look at the cleanliness at places I pay to do my services at and the Hair Free Laser Institute was exceptional. Going in for my treatment I had done little research about what the process of a photo facial consisted of and the technician was very informative and was able to answer all my questions. Her knowledge on the procedure made me feel relaxed and comfortable going ahead with the treatment. I was a little skeptical, as this was my first time using the laser. I did notice about 3 hours later that my skin had actually gotten darker in the targeted areas. Over a week period the darker spots turned into a scab. The technician was very specific on after care for the best results. They eventually flaked off naturally and I was left with a new layer of skin. I will be going back for more photo facials to completely remove the sun damage on my face. I would highly recommend Hair Free Laser Institute to my close friends and family. The experience I had was worth sharing.

Terri M, Calgary

I can't say enough good things about Angela at the Hair Free Laser Institute. Angela always conducts herself in a professional manner and has a pleasant and easy going nature. She is thorough and takes her time during each session. Angela always makes me as comfortable as possible during each treatment, ensuring the pain is kept to a minimum. I trust Angela implicitly and I've been very happy with the results of my hair removal sessions. I would highly recommend Angela for all laser treatments.

Jane H.

Simply put, Angela (Airdrie location) is amazing! I was a complete skeptic (not to mention scared) about this whole laser hair removal thing, until a co-worker recommended that I RUN to see Angela.

Long story short, the results are amazing, and the pain is non-existent, as Angela is always so gentle with me. The price is also very reasonable, which helps when you're hairy and on a STRICT budget!

You can tell that Angela really cares about her clients and what she does, as is evidenced by her follow ups both after my sessions, as well as right before any following sessions.

I live in Downtown Calgary, but it's WORTH the drive to Airdrie!

Kelli S.